Recruitment for Social Worker

Job Descriptions

  1. advise the beneficiaries of the organization
  2. follow the policy of the organization
  3. Coordinate with customersor and the organization involved with or need help from our foundation. Such as asking information our help- receivers, to know what are their problems. and will help them by connecting with other professional helpers. For example, finding proper job, helping them start business, finding shelter, hospital and other welfare benefits. And must be sent to agencies that provide services, such as, finding the right career. Finding a career, accommodation, hospital, and other welfare benefits.
  4. provide advice on how to solve difficult problems for social workers of various organizations
  5. may work according to expertise and according to the organization's services (Case Workers). Such as…
  6. take care of family divorce problems, family welfare issues, family careers
  7. care for underprivileged children and admission to institutions and children homes, also the welfare for children
  8. provide physically or mentally welfare or disabled patients, and social training for parolees and help immigrants

Social Worker Qualifications
If  you Interested in this profession, must have the following qualifications.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in social work faculty or social science and social welfare
  2. love to help because social work is a service to help people
  3. open optimistic, have a good attitude towards people and problems
  4. exposed to the problem that need to be solved
  5. have a warm appearance, friendly and get along with the community
  6. good computer skills in Microsoft Office

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