Training on "online abuse"

    Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation realizes the role of social in the daily lives of all human beings, both children and young adults, according to the environment and time changes.

    Globalization has impacted majority of Thai society, once rural, has become a city society. The community once have been helping, supporting with generosity has decreased. As a result, the values ​​and traditions of Thai society have changed. Most often focus on object values. There are actions that lead to the degeneration of morality.

    The problem from chatting on chat rooms from popular social networking sites, such as, social networking, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,even other social networking sites. They are the same characteristics, which is to open for members to create personal profile; another virtual on online world. To interact with other members through a variety of communication services on the websites. There are games on the Internet like the real objects, which makes pornography appear easy to publish both on Internet and CD. It is available in marketplaces, which also makes pornographic images are posted on the Internet to publish to the public more easily.

    Chatting on the internet may lead to sexual abuse. The problem of children being sexually abused is almost always found at all ages and sexes. From the survey from all over the world, at least 1 in 10 girls and 1 in 20 boys have been sexually abused. And the children who are subjected to such acts often affect the behavior of expression, which is having lack of confidence, low self-esteem, aggressive, having trusting issue. Some may be depressed and some may need to rely on drugs or alcohol. These things affect both the body and mind.

    Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation is committed to ensure that children, young people and adults no longer need to face the risk anymore. These problems can be prevented. By providing training to children and youth, to use the Internet properly to not lead themselves to the victim of deceiving. Also educate parents on how to teach their children using, Internet properly instead of banning or for biding children from using the Internet; because on the other hand, Internet is learning resources for children. Internet can help improving many skills to create a good future for themselves and the nation.

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