Training on "Protecting Children from Abuse and Children's Rights"

     Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation sees that, Thai society in this day has changed a lot through environment and time changes. Globalization has impacted majority of Thai society, once rural, has become a city society. The community once have been helping, supporting with generosity has decreased. As a result, the values ​​and traditions of Thai society have changed. Most often focus on object values. There are actions that lead to the degeneration of morality, the problem of women or even neglected children, sexual abuse in Thai society are growing. May be due to the progress of communication on the Internet. There are internet games like the real objects, which makes pornography appear easy to publish both on Internet and CD. It is available in marketplaces, which also makes pornographic images are posted on the Internet to publish to the public more easily.

    The problem of children being sexually abused is almost always found at all ages and sexes. From the survey from all over the world, at least 1 in 10 girls and 1 in 20 boys have been sexually abused. And the children who are subjected to such acts often affect the behavior of expression, which is having lack of confidence, low self esteem, aggressive, having trusting issue. Some may be depressed and some may need to rely on drugs or alcohol. These things affect both the body and mind.

     Research shows that only 4 out of every 1,000 children who can tell that they have been sexually abused. And in that amount, having been trained in sexual abuse, the number of children who can tell whether they have been sexually abused or not has risen to 14 in 1,000.
Children who are trained are more likely to respond to risky situations than those who are not trained. And from simulation to the risk of being sexually abused. These children are able to protect themselves better than those who are not trained.

    However, this research programs can reduce the risk of sexual abuse in children, the result is not clear. The research team also suggested further research in this area to confirm the findings. They said: "Even if the training on sexual abuse is successful, the situation is very limited. But it is likely that the skills that children learn will help them escape sexual abuse."

Child Rights

    Children are those who are under 18 years old. Children today are adults in the future.  If we compare the children to white paper, what would the color that we want the paper to be? It is up to the adults who will put that color on them. Each child has a different life and experience. Some children are born into good families or there may be children are  born in a cruel environment, it is possible.

    In order for children to grow up to be a good adult in society, adults must also treat their children appropriately. Pay more attention to the rights of children.

    Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation sets the workshop to educate about the basic rights of children.

1. Right of Survival

  • the right to survive and to promote life
  • get good nutrition
  • get love from family and society
  • get health services
  • be provided the correct life skills
  • housing and parenting

2. Right of Protection

  • protection from discrimination
  • harassment, assault, bullying, bullying
  • neglect
  • child labor
  • sexual exploitation

3. Right of Development

  • get educated both in and out of the system
  • access to the right information
  • freedom of thought, conscience and religion
  • personality development, socially and mentally
  • improve physical health

4. Right of Participation

  • show children's views
  • freedom of information contact
  • have a role in the community
  • comment on matters affecting children

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