Mr. Montree Chaiworarat

     For me, it is no accident that my wife and I have come to know Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation andPondsila Church. We believe that it is a divine guidance to us to know  Ajarn Boo. My wife and I had the opportunity to visit the mission of the foundation and the church. We met children and young people. When we talked to them, we realized that these children were vulnerable children. They were born to families with many problems, some of them facing hunger, loneliness, pessimism. These are why they are lack of a good chance in many aspects of life.

    From that beginning, it was exactly fit my family's goal, which is our desire to work with children who are in a difficult situation of life. I feel like God has prepared the situation and this place for my wife and I to bless them through activities of the foundation and the church.

    Before that, my wife and I had been helping and visiting many churches. We had the opportunity to bring children to experience and learn about this big and beautiful world that God created. We took them to the zoo, the beach, to delicious restaurant; because many children never had the chance to experience these things in their lives.

    The main purpose of our family ministry is, "We want the love of God to flow through our actions" through fun, excitement, delicious meal that children never had or toys that they never touched. I have always think that, even though they are children today and they may not have the maturity to make many decisions, or one day their family might move to work in various places. And the children have to leave the foundation and the church. One thing that always comes to their mind is the love of God. One day, when they grow up and face problems, they will remember God's love. "beautiful love,unconditional love, like when they were loved through the foundation and the church."  They will walk to God themselves because we have sown goodness, love, concern for them since they were young.

    My wife and I thank God for being at least part of it. Although it is a small part of blessing children and youth in Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation and Pondsila Church, we hope that these things will always stay in their minds. And they will not forget the love of God throughout their lives. God bless all children and youth.

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