Mr. Sila-ek Supsin

    The beginning of my life, I was just an ordinary little boy with dreams. But everything was hard to make my dream to come true, because of financial constraints of my family. Some of my dreams were like the wind that blows and fades away.

      I was born in a poor family. Often times, I saw my family in difficult situations, that is why I understand how terrible poverty is…but in difficulty, I felt myself being blessed by God. He gave me a lovely family who took a good care of me. I felt loved warmly. I have been supported by my parents to the highest level of education possible. And my parents are the role models of serving God with selfishness hearts. Both of my parents love and care for others with joyful hearts. On their way on the dirt road, they built a steady concrete road for me. I also have many people have supported me until this day. Now, I grew up and succeed with a pretty  good life. I am grateful for the grace of God always. And I want to be the one who gives back to the society, and I am willing to be a part of giving good opportunities to others.

      For me to be a supporter of the place for the establishment of Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation, using the place to open the learning center. I also support financially to run projects under Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation To develop children. It will continue to be effective, which I have the expectation to see.
"These kids are like good seeds that can grow beautifully, when it has been watered carefully and been take care" They will have opportunities to develop properly and strengthen their own life experiences, to grow confidently and seeing their own values through activities of the foundation.

      All I am saying is, "My happiness is to be a giver ... and be a part of society to create the strong future for our nation."

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