Training on "Building Self-Confidence and Seeing the Value of Their Own.”

    Those who play the most important role in building confidence and self-esteem to the children is parents and guardians. If their childhood is full filed with love and careens, they will grow up with confident with good self esteem. Self-esteem accumulates more and more when children grow up. It also depends on the situation around them and what goes through child's life. Therefore, parents and guardians need to learn to observe the behaviors that a child acts out in each time of their growing process.

    A sense of pride is not the same in every situation of life, some times may be very proud of yourself and some times may be less. This will change according to the situations. The level of self-esteem of a child will depend on their parents and environment there were growing up. Did parents and guardians encourage children to grow up in an environment that gives them the opportunity to self-esteem at all times? Such as, giving fully ability to a child to express its own interests, or even a little something like sharing something or a snack to a friend, collecting lifted garbage on the street to pun in the proper place. Even helping friends clean up classroom. It can create the power of self-confidence.

    These things must have been taught since childhood. The most important role of is parents and guardians are to speak or express understanding on the things children do, by saying compliments and they will feel proud of what they have done. These are self-confidence and self-esteem that gradually grows in small increments. When children are proud of themselves and know and appreciate themselves, then gradually grow up as a confident child. They will be able to solve problems in the daily life properly. This is different from those who have low self-esteem. These people often tend to have bad behaviors, high level of anxiety, lack of self confidence, lack of responsibility, no plans in life, not participate in activities, obsessed with their own thoughts, not accept the opinions of others, etc.

    Self-esteem is very importance for children in growing up, and being able to live happily in society and having the process of adapting properly according to environment that occurs.

    Perception of self-worth is based on the reality of life. This is the basis for a life of value, which encourage people to express their good behavior and live life effectively.

    Warm Healing Hands For Child Development Foundation recognizance’s the importance of human potential development. "We have to understand ourselves, know ourselves first. then we can understand others. "Self-esteem development can be developed on the individual. Therefore,Warm Healing Hands For Child Development provides hands-on training to parents and children by organizing learning processes that will lead to self-acceptance, self-understanding, learning to give themselves a reward when successful, to stop the unreasonable thought and reduce non-constructive criticism from others. These elements will help develop and build up self-esteem.

    Therefore, building confidence, self-esteem is important element that everyone should have. If a person does not have self-esteem, does not accept and understand himself; the person will not have confident toward everyday situations. It will cause many problem following in life.

    However, the most important starting point is that "yourself" is self-reliance. Be confident and inspire from the inside out, with recognize the value in ourselves. Be proud of the knowledge, their ability to perform in any other mission that will certainly succeed. Even through there are problems, we will pass through obstacles confidently.

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